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MPA Surviving Lockdown, Emerging Stronger

MPA Surviving Lockdown, Emerging Stronger

Announcing a new trustee and emergency funding

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A View From Up There

A View From Up There

People, Place, Time & Space

Mid Pennine Arts

MPA brings art, people and places together.

We commission ambitious, original work that is unique to some very special places and connects directly with people.

MPA projects challenge artists, enrich our communities and sometimes change lives.

Our projects examine what is unique about our area, our heritage and our communities.

MPA is the commissioning agency based in Pennine Lancashire and developing projects across Lancashire and beyond. We commission high quality creative work through a variety of collaborations and in response to the distinctive contexts of our natural, built and social environments. Our projects examine what is unique about our area, our heritage and our communities. We aim to originate exciting creative work that has lasting impact for participants, audiences and our project partners.


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