Sick of Being Normal – SPECIAL EVENT


Sick Of Being Normal from Mid Pennine Arts on Vimeo.



The premiere of the short film (16 mins) about SOBN and the event that happened back in February took place from 7pm on Friday 18th September 2020. We hope you’ll all watch it.


At 8pm on the same evening we had an online gathering of some of the main players from the SOBN project and the SOBN event in February, who talked about the ideas behind the project and how it fits into the wider Pendle Radicals programme.  Boff Whalley, Stephen ‘Sage’ Hartley and Casey Orr spoke about the legacy of punk – including how so many ‘Pendle Punks’ went into socially responsible careers. They also spoke about radical cultural heritage shaping our sense of place.  We were then treated to a performance by Sage and Gary Brown of the Notsensibles aided by Tyler from Strange.