Spodden Valley Revealed Artists

Artist interventions in Whitworth

Artist joins the Spodden Valley Revealed Archaeology Team

We are thrilled that David Chatton Barker has joined us as artist in residence for Spodden Valley Revealed. David will become an integral member of the team, and will focus on the evocative site at Brown Wardle, recording the work and helping to interpret the findings through audio, unique maps, performance and storytelling.  David is local to Whitworth, and he will spend the next ten months as a part of archaeology team as they investigate this medieval farmstead and potential tenter posts (used to stretch fabric as a part of a cottage industry process in the fields).

David is excited to be onboard, and says, “as an artist I have a broad approach, exploring our relationship with collective heritage and place within the multi-layered landscape. I like to unearth and re-animate hidden aspects of our culture and arcane folklore through interactive performance, projection and sculpture.”