Sick of Being Normal

Pendle Punk Forty Years On

A Pendle Radicals project, commissioned by Mid Pennine Arts.  Part of the Pendle Hill programme, Pendle Radicals pays homage to the nonconformists, suffragists, reformers and mavericks who have been drawn to this uncompromising landscape over hundreds of years.  Sick of Being Normal drags that tradition of dissent, kicking and screaming, into the modern world, in a joyful celebration of Pennine Lancashire PUNK.

See Pendle Radicals events for details of SOBN activities.

Gary Brown (Notsensibles) has put this great YouTube playlist together for us, inspired by this project. Enjoy!.

Watch the Sick of Being Normal film, which was recorded at the event in February 2020. It includes footage of the event, interviews with those behind the project and some of those featured in the zine.

If you enjoyed the clips from the 1980 Granada TV film included in the SOBN film, you can watch the whole thing on YouTube, thanks once again to Gary Brown.